Resurrection Means Intimacy

If our hope in Christ is limited to this life, we are the most pitiable of all people. But now Christ has been raised from the dead.” 1 Cor. 15:19-20 True story. A missionary in Thailand was trying to bring this young woman to God. They were to meet at the train station at 8:30 am and… Read more »


Who do we think of as our model in the faith?  OK, here is a most acceptable answer- Mary.  Mary does not say many words in the Scriptures so the words she does say are important.  Some of her first words are “I am the handmaid of the Lord.  Be it done unto me according… Read more »


May we always remember the way in which the gates of paradise were opened for us by pondering the life of Christ.  Many people thought the Messiah would be a revolutionary who would set Israel free from foreign domination and oppression through political and military power.  Indeed, Jesus did come to set God’s children free… Read more »

Divine Intimacy

Jesus said to them “When you pray, say: Father”  Lk. 11:2 The invitation stands.  You are invited to intimacy; divine intimacy.  Intimacy with God means knowing that you are love first, freely and forever by the Father.  It means that you are deeply familiar with God’s life and way of relating.  What is most real… Read more »

Shared Weakness

How many times do we find ourselves saying “I’m fine”, “I’m O.K.” or “Everything is fine” when someone asks us how we are doing.  If we find ourselves too often responding that all is “fine” when, in fact, it isn’t, then we very might well have a connection with the Pharisees that we read about… Read more »

The Fork

A woman got the news from her doctor that she had three months to live.  She met with her pastor to plan the funeral.  She asked to be buried with a Bible and a fork.  The pastor asked the reason for the fork and she explained that throughout her life anytime they told you to… Read more »

Why The Womb?

Why did God choose for us to spend the first 9 months of our lives in the womb?  What can our life in the womb tell us about how God is for us? The womb is warm and a place of safety.  Our mother physically feeds us that we might be born into a world… Read more »

Why I Wanted To Be A Priest

I am a cradle Catholic and in terms of my faith practice I would describe the first two decades of my life as basically going through the motions.  Growing up I perceived the Church as somewhat legalistic, uninviting and something that would restrain my freedom if I became too involved.  Church and the sacraments were… Read more »


“Be still and know that I am God.” Ps. 46:11 I opened the homily at a high school mass by asking the youth what pressures they faced. A senior girl in the front row said, “What pressures don’t we face?” I thought her response was very provocative. Yes, life is full of pressure. Perhaps the greatest pressure we face is… Read more »