The Fork

A woman got the news from her doctor that she had three months to live.  She met with her pastor to plan the funeral.  She asked to be buried with a Bible and a fork.  The pastor asked the reason for the fork and she explained that throughout her life anytime they told you to keep the fork at the end of the meal she knew that more was coming.  Actually, she knew the best was yet to come because the fork meant desert.  The pastor was deeply inspired because he knew this woman was living in the power and hope of heaven.

The woman died and it was funeral day.  Smiling, the pastor heard many people ask why she had a fork in her hand as they passed the open casket.  During the sermon he was able to relay how the fork was a sign of her faith.  She wanted all people to know that there was more and the best was yet to come.  Her security was born by believing that there is much more to the mystery of life than just our time here on earth.  She knew that heaven was going to be the best.

Yes, hay mas (there is more).  Through the power of the Holy Spirit coming to us this Pentecost, we can have more.  In the Spirit, Jesus Christ is available to us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.  Forever standing at full attention before us, he is ready to give us more power, healing and hope.  Whether we are at home, work, school, church, a game, shopping or on vacation, Jesus Christ is there waiting to give us more and more.  Even if we are saturated with love and feeling blessed beyond belief, hay mas.  There is no way there is not more with God.  There will always be more love and power for us, forever and ever.  We will continually grow in the presence of God.  Yes, the best is yet to come.  Hay mas.  The Holy Spirit, the gift of Pentecost, teaches us hay mas and the best is yet to come.

Come Holy Spirit, in all your power, Come!  All we have to do is ask.

  • Andre Westerhuis

    Each day lived, hay mas (there is more). Each moment, hey mas (there is more). And after all the crazy temporal, hey mas (there is more).